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Wed Jun 27 05:18:07 EDT 2012

This is on getting Pidgin work on Ubuntu 12.04. I want to discuss two issues:

- I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04. I installed the ppa as described on the pidgin website. When I clicked the update manager, for some reason it was not able to install the latest version of Pidgin. So I went to synaptic package manager and installed Pidgin. The version it installed is 2.10.3 and not 2.10.4. I don't know why. Normally the update manager seems to work fine. 

- My second issue with working of Pidgin. At work, we have a http proxy server. I was trying to connect to my gtalk account. But unfortunately Pidgin is unable to connect. On Pidgin, at the proxy tab, I supplied the proxy server and port information. For some reason it could never connect to the gtalk server. When I try gtalk on Windows 7 at our work place, it seems to work perfectly fine. So any help or suggestion would be greatly benefitted.

Probably, these issues were discussed earlier. But so far, I did not find any solution to this problem. Thanks for your help!

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