problemi con i plugin

David Woolley forums at
Sat Jun 30 05:48:41 EDT 2012

assistenza wrote:
> Buongiorno,
> ho installato PIDGIN 2.10.3 e quando sono andato ad attivare il plugin 
> FONOMO, non l'ho trovato nella lista dei plug. pertanto vengo a 
> richiedere le istruzioni per l'importazione di FONOMO al fine di poter 
> utilizzare la webcam. Il sistema operativo che uso è UBUNTU 12.04

fonomo is a third party plugin, so it is not supported on this mailing 
list.  Moreover, the support URL 
<> on the Pidgin third party 
plugins page appears to be broken.  I would guess that the company has 
gone out of business, although it might be a temporary failure of their 
nameservers.  (Requests for anything other than nameservers (glue 
records) for that domain return [DNS] "server failure". This includes 
the master, SOA, record for the domain.)

If you are using XMPP, in particular Google Talk, you might want to see 
whether Pidgin's own video support is suitable:

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