Successful formula for MSN file transfers with Live Messenger users?

Mark Rousell markr at
Sat Jun 30 07:13:06 EDT 2012

I've been a Pidgin user for several years and I am pretty sure I used to
be able to successfully carry out file transfers in both directions with
MSN Messenger/Live Messenger users. However, at some point file
transfers over the MSN protocol seem to have stopped working.

Currently when either side (Pidgin at my end, Windows Live Messenger at
the other end) tries to initiate a file transfer, nothing is seen at the
other end. It looks like the file transfer notification just isn't
getting through.

Does anyone have file transfers working over MSN in either direction? If
so, can you let me know your configuration please?

I've just finished a testing session and nothing I tried made any

Brief details: I'm running Pidgin 2.10.4 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64
behind a NAT router. Windows firewall is configured to allow unlimited
inward and outward access for Pidgin. I tested with UPnP both enabled
and disabled on the router, I tested with the various options for MSN
accounts in Pidgin (e.g. 'Use HTTP Method', 'Allow direct connections',
etc.) both enabled and disabled, and set my correct external IP in
Pidgin's Network settings. Nothing made any difference to MSN file

Is it just me? Or am I missing something?

Thanks to anyone who has any ideas.

Mark Rousell

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Key ID: C9C5C162

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