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> I'm rather new to Pidgin, but I use it extensively as of late because it
> takes up much less space than MSN and other clients. 

I'm glad you like it.

> But I use multiple
> accounts, and on each account I tend to have a different text colour. With
> Pidgin, this means I have to reset my colour each time a new chat window
> opens, going through the wheel and finding it again. Is there any way (or
> maybe a plugin?) that I can have a colour for each account individually?

I believe it should be doable using a plugin. However, I'm not sure that such a
plugin exists. If you are a programmer, then you can write one yourself using
the API. If not, then you can pay or convince someone else to write it for you.

I should note that I am a programmer, and I would be interested to do this for
you for the right price. You can contact me off list at for details. (My résumé is here: and I have a portfolio of past software
projects here: ).


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