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Historically I've had a hard time distinguishing which protocol I'm using too.  Colors sound like a good way to do it.

I can't provide you a solution on that, only say that in the past I would put the word " (msn)" or " (gmail)" in the contact's alias to distinguish protocol.  It wasn't elegant, but served its purpose.

Now, IM is used less at home and more at work so its no longer needed on my setup because everyone at the workplace uses the same protocol.


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> I'm rather new to Pidgin, but I use it extensively as of late because it takes up much less space than MSN and other clients. But I use multiple accounts, and on each account I tend to have a different text colour. With Pidgin, this means I have to reset my colour each time a new chat window opens, going through the wheel and finding it again. Is there any way (or maybe a plugin?) that I can have a colour for each account individually?
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