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i really don't wont to start an argument i'm just trying to explain the

my net work because i live in rural area i have sat alight
INTERNET service (hn 9000) from there it goes to a router/wifi a linksys
wrt54g-tm running Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/10/09) mega  the hn 9000
network cable enters the wrt54g-tm at the network gateway port so the
wrt54g-tm is controlling the network traffic. the wrt54g-tm was a week
or so ago set back to Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/10/09) mega defaults
prier to me writing the first email, from there the cat5 network goes
through a couple of switched to 10 or 12 other computers.

the wrt54g-tm is also a wifi connection point as i said it have been set
back to its DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/10/09) mega defaults. 

computer in question at this time, dell dimension 5100, wifi pci card,
duel booted xubuntu 12.04 and xp pro.

xubuntu 12.04 completely updated the only thing installed that was not
originally on the iso is lidreoffice 

xp pro sp3 only virus software on the computer is free avg
aim software

xubuntu 12.04 pidgin 
old sn from 1998 will not text a phone from this morning  (09:20:52 AM)
Unable to send message: Not logged in 
new aim screen name created a week ago text my phone fine 

xp pro pidgin and aim software  
pidgin old screen name same message Unable to send message: Not logged
new screen name it text my cell phone fine

aim software old screen name text my cell phone fine.

ok so i said fine it is that screen name so we test my wifes old screen
name from 1998 came out with the same results, so it isn't exclusive to
one screen name but it is the same account didn't go any further the new
aim account worked fine i am happy. 

now if you Google (pidgin  Unable to send message: Not logged in)
you come up with a list of problems, oops there is my first problem
posted to ubuntu forums from October 4th, 2009 i never got this
straightened out on the wifi computer and my father in law went back to
xp aim and my wife never texts a phone.

so maybe if this problem arises the test should be create a new aim
account and try that first. of cores the older people are attached to
there screen name and are not going to wont to switch so they will stick
with xp, vista, win7 and aim at least that is my father in laws point of

if there is anyone close to Delaware that cares to travel to me and sit
down and i will show them exactly what i mean i'm willing to oblige them
just get up with me.

thank you klein      


(09:20:52 AM) Unable to send message: Not logged in

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