pidgin 2.10.3 pci wifi

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Sat Nov 3 23:52:49 EDT 2012

On 11/1/2012 10:21 PM klein <klein at> said unto Tres 
Finocchiaro <tres.finocchiaro at> and "support at" 
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> but the new aim screen name work just fine and i'm happy thank you Tres

We're all glad it's working for you once again!

> using pci wifi the fact still remains that in xp pro aim software with
> my old screen name works fine and in pidgin same computer weather in
> xubuntu or xp pro will not send a text message to a cell phone, and if
> the computer is hooked up with cat5 pidgin works fine.
> after 7 or 8 years of using linux, ubuntu 5.04 - 12.04 and open sourse
> software i have never ran across a rude person or unhelpful person till
> i ran across Ethan.

What it comes down to is Ethan is correct. AOL has absolutely /no/ way 
to tell what kind of connection you're using to your local network 
(whether it be Cat5, wifi, tin can or otherwise). His point is still 
perfectly valid.

The only however to this situation would be if for some reason you have 
a network configuration that allows for differences in routing/DNS/etc 
between the wired network and the wireless one which would allow for the 
differences you're seeing.

He wasn't being rude, he was trying to help you by telling you that your 
thought of CAT5 vs Wifi could not be the cause of your issues yet you 
were insistent he was incorrect.

Simply put, being accepting rather than argumentative on a 
community-driven support list for a FOSS program is going to be much 
more productive for everyone involved.


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