Buddy Showing as Not Authorized

Etan Reisner deryni at pidgin.im
Sun Sep 23 12:31:46 EDT 2012

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 09:49:48AM -0400, Katie Elverson wrote:
> Good Morning, 
> I am showing as "Not Authorized" on my colleague's buddy lists. Even though I show as not authorized, they can still send me messages, but they can never see my statuses - only "Not Authorized" and it always looks like I'm off line. They are on my buddy list just fine. I am using the XMPP protocol. Any ideas? 
> Thanks 

XMPP requires that you explicitely allow people to see your status before
they are allowed to do that. This sounds like that either did not happen
or some data loss/corruption/etc. occurred somwhere which made the server
forget that this authorization was given. If your colleague right-clicks
on the entry for you in their pidgin buddy list they should see a
'(Re-)Request authorization' entry in the menu. If they select that it
should cause an authorization request to appear in your pidgin buddy list.
Accepting that request should sort this problem out.


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