Custom smileys in SILC

Michael Obermeier michael at
Thu Apr 4 19:06:11 EDT 2013


I have recently stepped over the SILC protocol and I really like it, as 
well as the possibility to send images directly (pardon my lack of 
professional vocabulary ;) ).
But the problem is, Pidgin's "custom smiley" system doesn't seem to work 
with least it didn't with me. it possible to use it or something similar?
What I want to do is the following:
- I want to define 'Strings' in advance and link them to an image. For 
example :test: -> send 'test.jpg'
- If I type :test: in Pidgin, it should detect it and automatically send 

Of course, this is exactly what the (great) Custom Smileys do...but, as 
I said, I can't get them to work with SILC. So is there any possibility 
to do something like this?

Thanks in advance,

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