MSN not working

Frank Lanitz frank at
Sat Apr 6 07:56:53 EDT 2013

Am 05.04.2013 22:53, schrieb Jeffrey Brewster:
> I just installed Pidgin as my team was grumbling about the new Skype
> change with MSN messenger (I refuse to use Messenger and they hate
> Skype).  I have used Pidgin on Ubuntu and it works (pretty) well.  The
> trouble is, all my team is on MSN and when I try to contact them, they
> show offline, I am able to add all but one (which it just can’t find)
> but they show offline, and I have confirmed with them that they are
> online. (I am on Win7 N – 64).   I am sad that I now have to uninstall
> Pidgin, because I have spent enough time trying to troubleshoot and
> reading  bug reports (I hate IM – it is not my full time job, nor do I
> want it to be).
> Just thought I would let you know about my experience  because I
> (was/am?) a fan…
> (I am just gonna go back to telling my team to email me).

Most likely you will start to use sky in future as MSN will become Skype
April, 8th.

You could suggest to make usage of XMPP/Jaber as a free and open
alternative via a self hosted ejabberd/openfire/*-server.


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