Pidgin policy on logo usage.

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Apr 11 02:39:26 EDT 2013

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 3:24 PM,  <kyle.boyer at> wrote:
> I couldn't find any information regarding trademark/logo licensing, and I
> was wondering if the Pidgin logo was available for use and under what
> conditions.

We don't have a formal policy for this.  Our usual response is:
It's totally fine for you to use the Pidgin name and logo to represent
us and our project.  If you want to make a shirt with a list of open
source mascots, it's fine for you to include us and use our images.
If you want to write a news story about us, feel free to use our
stylized "Pidgin" text and the pigeon mascot.

It is not ok to use the branding to represent something else.  For
example, it would not be ok to start a car company and use an image of
our pigeon as your company logo.  It would not be ok to create a
confusingly similar piece of software and name it "Pidgin."

> I'm creating t-shirts to promote and fundraise for open source
> projects, and I'd like to do this for Pidgin if it's permissible.

Sounds great to me!  Good luck!

> In addition to the licensing, I'd like to know if Pidgin accepts donations,
> and if so, how they can be delivered.  Review of the support tickets
> regarding this issue did not seem to provide an answer.

We don't really need money, but if you feel a need to donate you can
give money to Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.  It's a USA registered
501(c)(3) non-profit organization that assists us with this like this.

More information here:

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