How to weed out offline users from XMPP group chats ?

Georgi Kodinov Georgi at
Thu Apr 11 04:04:56 EDT 2013

2013/4/11 Mark Doliner <mark at>

>  Hmm, I think all users in this list must be online.  I don't think
it's possible to be offline but still appear in an XMPP group chat.

Unfortunately that's what I see all the time with the oracle beehive jabber
server I'm connecting to.
I'm seeing a mix : some users disapear and some don't (and stay @ status
offline). Should I report it as a bug ?

> However, it IS possible for someone to be idle or away.  And in this
> case I think your only hope is to right-click and get the status
> throught he "Info" command.  You're right, it's cumbersome and Pidgin
> could probably make this easier.

+1. Does pidgin have a voting system for new features ? :)

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Georgi Kodinov
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