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Bruce Holm bruce.holm at
Thu Apr 11 15:16:50 EDT 2013

I use two monitors. I run VMware in one window and set it to full screen 
mode. I run Windows 7 Pro in that VM.
In the other monitor is my native OS (Linux/Mint). I run Pidgin 2.10.x 
in Linux so it is in that monitor.
When I am working in the VM new conversation windows popup BEHIND the VM 
so I am totally unaware they are there.
How can I prevent this?
One way would be to specify that all new window popups appear in the 
Linux monitor.  But I find no such setting.
Another acceptible solution would be to somehow get that popup to pop in 
front of the VM in full screen mode. That is probably not an option as 
it would appear to be IN the VM not on top of it.

Please help me by offering a solution.

Bruce Holm
bruce.holm at	

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