Facebook friends offline/not visible started today

Rocco Privetera me at privetera.com
Wed Apr 24 23:07:38 EDT 2013

Windows 7 x64, working fine until this morning. When I get to work,
Facebook on Pidgin shows “Facebook friends” as being empty, nobody in it.
If I click “show offline friends” it shows my friends list as all offline.

Tried uninstalling/reinstalling to new version 2.10.7, same thing.

Tried removing/recreating account. Same thing. It lets me log on, it lets
me type in a friends name as an IM and send it ok, but the friend always
appears offline.

Tried from a different machine - same thing. Tried updating Pidgin on home
machine - same thing.

Tried with an AP password -same thing. Tried switching back to my FB
password - same thing.

Interestingly, Pidgin doesn’t show up as an app in Facebook.

Tried alternate chat app (XMPP)  - same thing! So I doubt it’s Pidgin per
se. Any ideas?

Sometimes users “show up” come online, then go offline and disappear, but I
can’t see who’s online.

-Rocco Privetera
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