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1. Go to your old computer
2. Locate your .purple directory.
   If you can't find it, read this:
3. Open the file accounts.xml with an editor, such as kwrite, notepad or
4. Somewhere in that file, you should be able to find your password,
surrounded by <password> and </password> tags. Just search for
"password" to find it. You may find several passwords if you used to use
several accounts.
5. Write down the password and enter it on your new computer.

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This email address is actually a mailing list for the Pidgin software.

Cusd20 maintains its own passwords and is not affiliated with the Pidgin
software.  Please contact someone responsible for managing passwords for
cusd20.  If unsure, contact your companies IT specialist.  If you have
non-password related questions (such as general pidgin help), then
please ask those questions here, however password requests will need to
go through your normal IT processes.


On Jul 29, 2013 9:10 AM, "Lisa Hawkins" <lhawkins at> wrote:
        Can you help, I have new computer and can't remember my password
        for pigeon, sign in was lhawkins at
        I keep getting incorrect password.
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