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Gobinath rakishgobi at
Fri Aug 9 04:21:49 EDT 2013

thanks for your updates.
i would like to use pidgin so is this open source?
may i use this in our company?

On 8/9/13, David Woolley <forums at> wrote:
> On 09/08/13 09:00, Gobinath wrote:
>> could you please let me know the pidgin is opensource? can we use this
>> in our company without cost. is this legal
> Debian include it in their free category.  As neither a copyright owner
> nor a lawyer, I cannot guarantee that a patent or copyright infringement
> hasn't been overlooked, but then that is true of all but the most
> trivial software.
> You could easily have ascertained that it was claimed to be opensource,
> yourself.
>> On 8/9/13, Gobinath <rakishgobi at> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> thanks for quick responce.
>>> really i dont want connect with skype just i mentioned for
>>> understanding to you. some company use lync and skype for that
>>> purpose.
>>> my requirement is i need opensource list for chatting and sharing
>>> files and also video conferencing with my office mate.
>>> is there any opensource software for meet my requirement could you
>>> please list out now.
>>> thanks
>>> On 8/9/13, David Woolley <forums at> wrote:
>>>> On 09/08/13 08:33, Gobinath wrote:
>>>>> officemate(skype,linq) in open-source it would be helpful to us.
>>>> It is difficult or impossible for open source software to legally
>>>> interface with Skype, which is why, in the current legal environment,
>>>> there will never be any official Skype support in Pidgin.  I have never
>>>> heard of linq (did you mean Lync?).
>>>> If open source is important to you, rather than just a way of saving
>>>> money,  you should use open protocols, like XMPP.  If saving money is
>>>> more important, you should probably use Skype's native client, as its
>>>> long term compatibility with changes in the Skype protocol (other than
>>>> commercial discontinuation) is guaranteed.
>>> --
>>> Regards,
>>> Gobinath A


Gobinath A*

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