Can't add new account !

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Sun Aug 11 16:24:20 EDT 2013

I have no plugins at all added. I install Pidgin and was as I said successful in adding one Skype account and not the other one with the Gmail email address associated with it.

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On 11/08/13 19:51, Jimmy PerlPidgin wrote:
> If this is the case then why can I successfully add in and log into
> Pidgin with my other Skype account ? The only difference is that the
> successful account has a hotmail email addy and the unsuccessful one has
> a gmail addy. Both accounts I am able to access through and use Skype

You cannot login to Pidgin; you can only use Pidgin to login to one or 
more external services.

How are you selecting Skype as that service?  The only possible way 
would be a third party plugin that is not supported on this mailing 
list.  I don't know how they get round the legal issues.  I would assume 
that that plugin only supports Skype names (which don't have @'s, not 
the newer Microsoft account names, which use email addresses).  If you 
are using that plugin, you need to contact its maintainer, directly.

Note that, whilst Microsoft maintain their MSN (Windows Live, and other 
brandings) service and you have your MSN account linked to your Skype 
account, you should be able to use Pidgin to login to MSN and have 
messages visible to Skype users, although I don't think you will be able 
to see anybody who is logged into Skype with a Skype name and hasn't 
linked it to a Microsoft account.

The future of MSN is very uncertain, and I can't imagine much effort 
will go into fixing support for MSN, unless Microsoft change their 
policy, and indicate that they no longer intend to shut it down soon.
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> On 11/08/13 19:13, Jimmy PerlPidgin wrote:
>  > I can't add an additional account into my Pidgin. The account that I'm
>  > attempting to add is and/or was originally an Msn Messenger >Windows
>  > Live Messenger > and now finally a Skype account, all the while was/is
>  > successfully associated with a Gmail. It still to this moment functions
>  > in Skype but I can't add it to Pidgin.
>  >
>  > Can anyone please advise ? Thanks
> Use a service that has at least one of:
> - a published (and accurate) protocol specification;
> - a protocol that is not encrypted, so reverse engineering is possible;
> - an API with licensing conditions that permit its use with software
> under the GPL licence.
> Skype has none of these attributes, and will not be officially supported
> by Pidgin until this changes.
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