Best private server to replace MSN/WLM?

pidgin at pidgin at
Mon Aug 12 16:53:03 EDT 2013

Hi. I'm looking for suggestions for the best private, open source, and free
chat server to use with Pidgin, preferably one that supports file tranfers
and offline messaging, if any. The server would be on linux and the clients
are all win 7. I can't seem to find that sort of simple intel browsing
around the web and I assume there must be people here doing the same.

I used Pidgin and MSN for personal inter-office chatting. MSN has been 100%
dead for us for about a week now so it's time to replace it. I don't have to
connect to anyone on the outside. I emailed Oracle tech support but they
have never heard of Pidgin. Just kidding ;)


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