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Fri Aug 16 17:59:57 EDT 2013

Hi Mark,


I am using a Javascript command via a Firefox bookmark that calls xmpp to IM someone. The xmpp part of the javascript is like this for example:


'xmpp:'+email.value +'?message;body=Hello '+name+'. SR# '+SR.value+' needs First Contact done. Please update when you have a chance. Thanks.'


But when saving this as a bookmark, Firefox converts all spaces to %20 so what ends up being sent to Pidgin is text like this




Pidgin takes the %20 literally and does not interpret it as the space character.


I came up with a solution in Pidgin by using the Text Replacement plugin and adding a replacement that converts the %20s to a space. This works fine for me.





John L. Kellogg





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I'm confused... are you using Pidgin's purple-remote command? Or are you receiving an XMPP message that was created by JavaScript somewhere? It's not clear to me how you're using JavaScript to start a conversation.


In either case, have you tried passing in a space instead of %20?
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