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Dave Warren davew at
Fri Aug 16 18:28:05 EDT 2013

As a bit of an aside, as your position is described as "Senior Manager 
Technical Support" at Oracle, perhaps you're in a position to help 
address an issue with Oracle's internal support processes?

On this support@ list we get many messages from Oracle employees/users 
who are looking for support for issues that ultimately end up being due 
to your internal XMPP environment, and therefore are outside the scope 
of what a open-source application like pidgin with it's community 
volunteer driven support team can address.

This has been mentioned to many people who have contacted this list for 
support, recently a Vice President who was having authorization issues, 
but still no action appears to have been taken as messages regularly 
appear here.

It might also be worth noting that, at least in some cases, Oracle users 
feel they are corresponding with Oracle's own IT staff when they contact 
the support at email address and therefore reveal information 
they do not feel should be made publicly available. Since this list is 
archived by multiple entities, it is not possible to retract or remove a 
post once it's made, and therefore it is even more important that Oracle 
handle their own support needs internally, lest Oracle staff continue to 
unwittingly broadcast information into publicly accessible archives. is one such 

Let me also be clear: I am not affiliated with pidgin (or Oracle) except 
as a pidgin user who participates on the support@ list and attempts to 
help out users from time to time, and I have no standing to speak on 
behalf of pidgin's developers, or anything other than as a community 
member; I'm simply hoping that you are in a position to change whatever 
process causes users to believe that support at is part of their 
internal support department.

Dave Warren

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