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Cristian-Petru pencov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 03:41:09 EDT 2013

I read a lot of information about Pidgin's 'Insert Image' feature but it's
not clear for me if it's implemented or not? I see that in Chat window
there is this function but it is Disabled [grey] and I don't know why it's
not working!

I have Pidgin 2.10.7 (libpurple 2.10.7) on Windows OS XP SP3.
I use it at work a lot and I'm connecting locally to Openfire's XMPP server
'Openfire, Version: 3.8.1'

I want to mention the following: if I use Openfire's Client 'Spark', on the
same server [at work], this client has this function and it's working well.
I can do 'PrintScreen' and then Ctrl+V [Paste] in the chat window to send
it to my colleague without saving it as file.

It would be helpfully to have this function available because I offer IT
support to my colleagues [about 20 :) ] and one image sent with Ctrl+V
[Paste] save a lot of time figuring what's about!

You can find Openfire stuff at this link

Thank you for your time and excuse me if I'm writing about this old issue
If you need further information don't hesitate to ask.

Cristian-Petru Pencov
IT Specialist

Timisoara, Romania
+4 0721-202989
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