spelling in Pidgin doesn't work for any athoer language except US

Yordan Petrov yordan1234592 at abv.bg
Tue Aug 20 07:54:03 EDT 2013

The problem which I encountered
 was with the spelling for every language except US.First i instal Pidgin 2.10.7and I am using Windows 7. I read most of the FAQ and done almost everything (about spelling). Selecting Localizations then the spell check language while installing the program. Than I read  How do I change the language of Pidgin?  from FAQ and i do every step.It works fine now
 Pidgin language is Bulgarian ( I read somewhere that if i wont Bulgarian spelling I should do this) .
 The  *.dic  and  *.aff  files were in it to   \spellcheck\share\enchant\myspell\ both bg_BG.aff , bg_BG.dic ,us_US.aff , us_US.dic and only English spelling works. When I chose bg_BG it underlines every word then I do right click on the underlined word the list of suggestions was empty. It gives me the option to add this word to the dictionary when I added the spell checker never underlined the word again ( even when I restarted the program).
I am sorry if my question noob or It is asked nooby :). Please help. 
Best regards !

Само сега спечели смартфон SAMSUNG и още много награди!виж
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