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Kevin Stange kstange at
Thu Aug 22 01:37:23 EDT 2013

On 08/21/2013 10:32 PM, sentagon at wrote:
> I am surprised that it needs to be installed separately. Currently I am
> using JITSI for my secure communication. One of the reasons I installed
> PIDGIN is that I am looking to use TAILS and TAILS includes a default
> installation of PIDGIN. In this context, I have expected that OTR would be
> an integral part of PIDGIN. Not only it isn't part of the PIDGIN
> implementation, there is also not association between PIDGIN development
> team and people developing the OTR plugin. Any comments?

What kind of comments are you looking for?  And why did you restate all
of John's response to you as a new email thread?

We do not maintain a lot of plugins as part of Pidgin.  OTR in
particular has a community of efforts to bring OTR support to various IM
clients, many of which do not ship the feature directly.

We have considered a relationship with the OTR plugin developers, which
has been discussed on the development mailing list[1] and our
tracker[2], but nothing is finalized yet.



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