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Sun Aug 25 05:50:24 EDT 2013

I'm unable to get Pidgin working with Freenode IRC using SASL/TOR with Pidgin.

On AndChat the IRC client for Android, the settings are listed under SASL (I don't find any SASL in Pidgin, but when adding an IRC server account, there is in the Proxy tab and option "TOR Privacy/SOCKS 5" so I am assuming that is the place.

In AndChat what works is username (as normal), port 7000, SSL, and for server, the onion address p4fsi4ockecnea7l.onion -- that simple.

But in Pidgin there are 3 tabs when adding an IRC account:

Basic, Advanced and Proxy. What is confusing is that all 3 of these have boxes for username and two have host or server. Can anyone advise what the correct place to put the values is?

1. Basic tab boxes are:
Protocol: IRC
Username: my IRC registered username (nick)
Server: p4fsi4ockecnea7l.onion
Password: the registererd nick password

2. Advanced tab boxes are:
Port: 7000
Username: my IRC registered username (nick)
Use SSL: ticked (checked)

3. Proxy tab boxes are:
Proxy Type: Tor/Privacy (SOCKS 5)
Host: (this is where the TOR daemon is listening)
Port: 9050
Username: again my IRC registered username (nick)
Password: again my username (nick) authentication password.

I get an error message: Closing Link: gateway/tor-sasl/account (SASL access only)

But I see no place in Pidgin that mentions SASL?

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