IRC TOR Proxy Settings

David Woolley forums at
Sun Aug 25 06:13:02 EDT 2013

On 25/08/13 10:50, BitMessage wrote:
> I'm unable to get Pidgin working with Freenode IRC using SASL/TOR with
> Pidgin.

TOR is a third party plugin, so you need to go direct to its 
maintainers.  In any case, should you really trust advice from strangers 
on how to implement your security policies?
If you are using TORchat, there is an email on (which may or may not be genuine) 
that may help, but there is no explicit mention of how to obtain support.

My view is that anyone who really needs that sort of software needs to 
either have a long standing face to face relationship with the supplier, 
or needs to have the technical skills which would have allowed them to 
solve the problem themselves (as they need to be able to verify that the 
software does what it claims to do).

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