How Do I Send SMS Messages Using My ICQ Account ? -- Followup

Jay F Shachter jay at
Tue Dec 3 21:07:04 EST 2013

Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that Mark Doliner would write on Tue Dec  3 19:57:28 2013:

>>> I think the online/offline status is not important. AOL, AIM, ICQ,
>>> Web-ICQ, Pidgin, etc. have no idea whether the person's phone is on
>>> or off.  That functionality isn't supported by the SMS network.
>>> Moreover, SMS is a store-and-forward system, where if a phone is off
>>> or disconnected then text messages destined for that phone will be
>>> stored until the next time the phone connects to the mobile network.
>> So Web-ICQ should do what Pidgin does, which is always show such
>> contacts to be online, since they are always contactable.  That
>> Web-ICQ shows my contacts to be offline is then, perhaps, a clue,
>> indicating that the contacts were, perhaps, not added correctly.
> Perhaps.  Or it could just be a behavioral difference between Web-ICQ
> and Pidgin. To my knowledge there isn't much that can be wrong about
> the way these buddies are added. To my knowledge there isn't anything
> special about the buddies--they're just specially formatted usernames.
>> Does Web-ICQ show your contacts to be offline also?
> Yes, Web-ICQ shows my mobile contact to be offline also.

Did you e-mail the people at at and tell them
that you are experiencing the same problem?  I can't think of anything
further to do, other than increasing the priority of the problem for
the people at at by letting them know that
more than one person is experiencing the problem.  If you do so,
please tell them to associate your trouble report with Ticket
#2013120221005754, the number that was assigned to my trouble report.

As always, please let me know if you learn how to solve this, and of
course I shall do the same for you.

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