Twitter @ Pidgin?

Makoto makoto092 at
Sun Dec 15 12:30:05 EST 2013

On 12/14/2013 01:34 PM, ZoNi wrote:
> Yes, I know about those plugins, but none of them works anymore.
> More than one year, there is no Twitter plugin for Pidgin :-(

Have you tried prpltwtr?  (  While I 
don't use Twitter, a year or so ago, I tried compiling it against Pidgin 
2.10.6, and it -seemed- to work... I didn't get any errors, and two 
Twitter choices appeared in the protocol list from which you can choose 
when setting up an account.

That said, all of the Twitter plugins for Pidgin are, as far as I know, 
third-party, and not directly supported on this mailing list, so you may 
have better luck contacting their authors to see if they can help you 
get the plugins to work.

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