is it possible to add multi user Channels in ICQ?!

Laatschi laatschi at
Mon Dec 16 05:51:45 EST 2013


i have installed Pidgin Version 2.10.7 on my Windows Vista Machine. Also 
i have got an UIN by ICQ, and i added it to pidgin, no problem. But now 
i see, that i can not click in the buddy list, by "Tools -> Chatrooms". 
So i tried to add an ICQ Channel by "Buddies -> Add a Chatroom" i enter 
in the next dialog a room without the # (german) and nothing happens. 
(also i tried with the #) No Chatwindow, and no user list. Than in 
contact over the webbrowser the #pidgin Channel, someone told me there, 
that Pidgin is not multi user Chat compatible to ICQ. Is ths right, or no?!

That means that it is not possible making chat conferences with more 
than one user in ICQ?? Is there a way to do ths WITH icq? I am asking 
this, while the hints and tricks on the pidgin website are recommended 
for older versions of ICQ !! Now ICQ 8.xx is still available.

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