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Thu Jan 10 03:16:01 EST 2013

Dear Pidgin,

I’m contacting you as the board of experienced editors at Download has decided to award Pidgin with the 5/5 star award (Less than 1
% of the software listed at Download receive this award):

Download award for Pidgin

It will be a very good idea to post this award on your website, as many
people know that software awarded by our editors is great software. We have
over 550,000 visitors each month and are the primary download resource for

You can easily implement the following code to show the award at your

I hope this award can make Pidgin even more popular.


<a href=""
title="Read the full review of and download Pidgin at Download"
border="0" width="174" height="76" alt="Award received from the DLC
software-network (Download 5/5 Star Editor Award)"

If you decide to publish the award we will feature Pidgin in our next
newsletter for free as well. We will automaticly track the backlink to us
but if you would like to know when we market Pidgin then please get back to
me at martin at I would also very much like to connect
with you in regards to future cooperation. You can find me at LinkedIn

I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

Sincerely Yours

Martin M. Jørgensen
Head of Partner Relations

Wichmandsgade 11, 1. Sal
DK-5000 Odense C


martin at

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