question regarding "history" plugin

Peng Shao shallpion at
Thu Jan 10 17:45:47 EST 2013

Hi. I am using pidgin-2.10.6 in KDE-4.9.5/Arch-x86_64 and I have a 
little question regarding
the "history" plugin (I am using msn-pecan but I think this issue occurs 
no matter what the protocol
is being used):

If I had a long conversation including say more than 200 messages and 
won't fit in a single
chat page so naturally there is a scroll bar to allow me to move between 
lines to review them.
Now if I enable History plugin and close the chat window, then when a 
new message is received
from my contact, the new chat window will pop up with the _oldest_ 
historical message displayed
at the _top_  of the chat window. Since the conversation is too long, 
the latest message is hidden and to view
it I had to scroll down the chat window to the bottom, which is really 

If I disable the History plugin, then no matter how long the old 
conversation is, the pop-up chat
window will show the latest message at the bottom so there is no need to 
scroll down/up.

Is the behavior of the History plugin I encountered normal, or did I 
have a bug?


Peng Shao

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