Please remove my emails from the archive

Dave Warren lists at
Mon Jan 28 00:43:11 EST 2013

On 1/27/2013 21:11, Kyle Hooks wrote:
> You have my email in plain text displayed without my permission.
> It's not like it's facebook I didn't agree to anything that said you 
> could post that.

You did choose to post to the mailing list after being informed that 
"THIS LIST IS PUBLIC! Any information you send here will be visible to 
the world forever.", which demonstrates consent. Since pidgin only 
distributed your original email in a way that is consistent with the 
normal operation of a mailing list, which including public archiving, 
permission was implicit.

Note that each additional message places your email address in the 
archives again, and you can't even pretend you weren't aware of the 
list's public status or archiving policies now.

> I hate to be a dick but with the people I'm involved with now I can't 
> be too safe id really appreciate it if you would at least block out 
> the email address.

Did you read the information in the link provided? The mailing lists are 
archived by various external parties and there is nothing that can be 
done at this time.

Luckily, it's just your email address, which isn't particular sensitive 

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