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carri walker powdergirl1 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 13:41:32 EST 2013

Hi Pidgin Support,
Since Windows Live Messenger is going away and I don't like Skype, I tried Pidgin last week.  Unfortunately, it deleted some of my most important and oft-used contacts (perhaps when I was moving all the contacts into one group via the drag-and-drop option in the Pidgin toolbar??) not only from my messenger contacts but also from my Hotmail.  AND - this is the weirdest part of all about this - I have also been removed from others' Windows Live and Hotmail accounts so they can't message me!  I'm back to using Windows Live Messenger now......Adding people back in and having them add me back in has been no easy task as - even when they get me re-added - I appear offline to them even though I'm online and others can see me as online.  I'm struggling with adding people back in because sometimes it tells me I already have a particular contact even though I can't see that contact in my list......There's so many weird things about this - it's a fiasco.
At this point, I don't expect there's anything you can do to help me dig out of this big mess but I do want you to be aware Pidgin caused some major problems with my contacts and I'm extremely disappointed....
I hope you can correct whatever bugs are in the software that created these issues so no one else has to go through this frustrating mess.
Good luck!Carri

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