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Mon Mar 4 05:50:35 EST 2013

Balamurugan Thiruvengadam wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,

This is a peer support mailing list, not a contact centre.
> I have started a new office with a man power of 6 people with whom i 
> just want to get connected with pidgin. i have downloaded the pidgin 
> software in all systems. could you please let me know how to get 
> connected to all users using ip address.

You will need to choose an instant message service that permits business 
use.  This may involve, say, installing an XMPP server on you system. 
The question suggests you may not really understand the nature of Pidgin.

There is one protocol, Bonjour, that is really peer to peer.  I'm not 
sure if it requires a single broadcast area.  I suspect most people who 
use Bonjour are already familiar with it from their use of it with Apple 
> please let me know the entire steps

Generally, with free software, you need to pay for consultancy if you 
want that level of detail and it is not already in the available 
documentation (which may or may not be the case).  In the case of 
community supported software, like Pidgin, the organisation that created 
the software is simply not structured to be able to do paid work, 
although some of the individuals involved, may be able to offer such 

David Woolley
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