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Wed Mar 6 11:56:10 EST 2013


I was wondering if you may have any ideas on this, I don't know if it's a
Google issue, an XMPP server issue, or a client issue.

I use Google Talk on my Android phone, on my computer through the gmail web
interface, and using Pidgin. There seem to be a couple of scenarios where
Pidgin will not pick up sent messages.

Scenario one:
Phone is only device logged into Google Talk.
I receive messages from someone during this time, see notification on the
phone but do not open them.
I open Pidgin, open the chat window for the person and the previously sent
messages do not come up.  I can send new messages and receive them then.
I log into Gmail using a browser and open the chat window with the person
and the messages come up.

Scenario two:
Phone and Pidgin are logged into Google Talk.
I receive a new message and both Pidgin and the phone have notifications.
I send and receive messages in Pidgin.
I go away from my computer for a few minutes and use my phone to continue
the conversation. The Google Talk client sees all messages sent and
received using Pidgin.
I return to my computer and Pidgin sees some of the messages received in
the time I was away, and none of the messages sent using the phone.

In scenario two, using the Gmail web interface and Pidgin usually results
in the same thing.  It seems that Pidgin has trouble picking up messages
received when not open, or messages sent from other devices (and some
received in response to them). The Gmail web interface and Google Talk
client don't seem to have this problem, they can pick up these messages in
the chat windows.

It's a hard situation to describe, so please let me know if I can explain
better. It's a harder situation to search for, so I hope it's not already
an issue you have on your site somewhere.

Dave LaPoint
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