sending images

Negin Bairami Negin.Bairami at
Wed Mar 27 14:57:17 EDT 2013

Hi, I'm switching from sys_hey and hey_fax to Pidgin as my primary IM tool.  I cannot seem to include or attach images to my messages.

I've looked at different forums online and found this link
which is out of date. Also the instructions do not work on my machine.

I can see the conversation tab but the sub-tab "more" only has re-authorization as an option.
Insert "image" is also disabled.

How can I enable or attach images?

Also does Pidgin have an option to send images directly from the desktop by mouse dragging a marquee across a section and having it send that immediately?

Thank you, Negin

I'm using Pidgin 2.7.11-1.fc13

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