uploading images via Pidgin for National Weather Service

Brandon Beck bbeck at ky3.com
Wed Aug 13 10:30:09 EDT 2014

Good morning,

Please read this entire email, as a bit of background information is
necessary before I get to the issue of pictures as the subject line of the
email suggests.

Pidgin is the preferred and most widely-used client for NWSChat
<https://nwschat.weather.gov/chatclients.php>.  This is an instant
communication method used between the National Weather Service and it's
various subdivisions, members of the media (like me), law enforcement and
emergency management.  It is a critical link in communication particularly
during severe weather that threatens lives and property.  The NWS issues
warnings and statements, and often members of the media relay storm reports
from viewers or listeners being affected by the severe weather.  Pidgin
allows everyone to monitor the back-and-forth flow of information in real
time, helping the NWS verifty a storm's severity and thus more effectively
and accurately warn those in a storm's path.  This is used *nation-wide by
near 13,000 users*.  Each office of the NWS (see the map here
<http://www.srh.noaa.gov/>) is responsible for an area of the country, and
each office works with local law enforcement, emergency management, and

During severe weather, pictures are frequently emailed or posted to social
media channels by those being affected. Pictures can provide critical
feedback about a storm and are a very integral part of the warning process.
 Uploading pictures directly to NWS servers would pose a security risk.
 Would it be possible to include a way to upload pictures to a third-party
"cloud" and include a link/preview in the chat window?  This is what
happens with Tweet Deck, a program I use for Twitter.  When I upload a
picture it goes to "pic.twitter.com" and then a link to the full image and
a preview image are included in the window.


This would make sharing pictures easier, faster, and centralized.  I would
appreciate any response, so I can report back to our Integrated Warning
Team committee. Thank you for a great program!


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