Unable to log in to Pidgin

Dina Rager DinaR at orrcorp.com
Fri Aug 29 14:43:30 EDT 2014

Thank you David. The service I am using is Olark, and they referred me back to you!

ORR Safety Corporation
Dina Rager, Customer Service Supervisor

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On 29/08/14 19:35, Dina Rager wrote:
> I am unable to log in to Pidgin. I've changed my password twice. I've 
> uninstalled and reinstalled the Pidgin app. I've worked with my IT 
> department to make sure we didn't have any firewall issues or anything 
> blocking Pidgin. I am the only person on my 17 person chat team who 
> cannot log on. Please help!

Pidgin is not something to which you can log in.  It is a tool that can let you log in to an instant messaging service, and you need to solve the problem for that specific service.

You haven't said which service, but it seems possible that it is one run by your company.  In that case, you need to go back to the IT department.  If they cannot solve the problem, they could try coming back to this mailing list, with the full technical information needed to debug the problem.

If you are using a public service, like AOL's, you will need to provide the debugging logs, with any sensitive information redacted (this is a public mailing list, and everything written here gets archived in many places on the internet).


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