How to make a simpel "enter pre typed text and send"

nickball nickball at
Wed Jan 8 09:24:26 EST 2014

Hi all

I have been trying to find a way to assign shortcut keys with a 
predefine text/web links and send while in a conference chat as part 
part of a help desk function in the new xmpp community on

I have tried to edit the gtkrc2.0. to keybind but with no success.

example of what I want.

Function key F1 =
" best way to start with Ohm....
take a few min to watch the video "

Although ohmstudio only works on iOS and Windows ( Just released on 
Steam as well ) I mostly use linux Mint 14 and LMDE so would like a 
multi platform solution which I could pass around to the other " helping 
musicians in the community" .

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Nick Ball

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