Deepak SV deepaksv at
Thu Jan 23 01:13:09 EST 2014

Hi Team of Pidgin,
First of all I would like to congratulate you all for giving users  such a easy to use chat client.
I just happened to think of a enhancement which could improve the user experience of the client,so thought of sharing the same with you all.
I work in a MNC and most of the time we use pidgin for communication. 
As it is with any other MNC,we are a huge organisation.So I cannot add all I chat with as my buddies.So whenever I want to send them ping(ppl from Prod Dev,support,QA etc) ,I copy their email i d's and paste it and then use chat client.It so happens that ,the frequency of these pings are often with a person u r chatting in a day.(assume a problem being narrated and given solution).
So,to improve the user experience ,How about 'Adding most recent chats optionin ' or dropdown  in the conversation tab.
Populating Recent 5 user names(or email id) would help reduce time.  It would benefit a lot.

Share feedback if  possible.


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