Trouble connecting Pidgin to a new Openfire server

Nick Dalmolin NickD at
Sun Jan 26 16:05:18 EST 2014

llo Openfire Experts,

The company I work for has been using Openfire and Pidgin for the internal instant messaging solution for several years (since before I started).  When I came into work on Friday morning, the Openfire server had crashed.  I was able to get the server up long enough to gracefully remove it from our Active Directory domain, but nothing more.  I built a new Openfire server (now running Windows Server 2012 R2).  I named new server Jabber (which was the same name as the old server) and gave it the same IP address as the old server.  I configured the new server to connect to a new database and use LDAP to pull account information from our AD.  This all works fine. From the admin console, I can see when users log in and out.  I can send users messages from the admin console, but users can't send each other messages.  When they try the person they are sending a message to shows up as not authorized.  I've been looking for a solution to this for two days, but can't find anything.  Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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