Punching in at work.

Francisco Moran francisco.moran.jr at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 23:43:09 EST 2014

Hello I'm trying to use Pidgin as my punch in clock at work. Basically I'm
required to keep track of when I'm at my desk or in the conference room,
the current method is for me to check in with my supervisor every time, but
if he is away from his desk I'm out of luck, and it looks like I was not
"helping out the team".

I've made some changes/updates:

   1. Pidgin will auto log in first thing when I turn on the computer.
   2. If my computer is idle for 1 minute the status will change to "floor
   3. I'm login all status changes.

I'm hoping to only log my status changes and not everyone of my of buddies.
The HTML file is getting long.


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