Application Development on Intel Architecture

Correa, StevenX stevenx.correa at
Tue Jan 28 11:42:03 EST 2014

Hello there this is Steve Correa and  I work with the Software and Service Group at Intel. We work with developers to enable their app(s) on Intel Architecture and GTM opportunities. As you may know we are now powering Android phones and tablets as well as Windows 8 Ultrabooks and tablets.  With one of our focusses this year being Windows 8 desktop, I would like to connect with you to learn more about Pidgin, your roadmap and share what our focus for 2014 will be. If you provide me with the best time to discuss I would be happy to send out a calendar invite.

Thank you,


Steve Correa
Senior ISV Enabling Manager
(01) 801-786-5690
Email:  Stevenx.correa at
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