Marking finch as away when detached from screen

Elliot Berg elliot at
Fri Jan 31 13:51:19 EST 2014


I use finch on a VPS, so that I can pick up conversations from a variety of
places and have central chat logs - I've got most things set up how I want
them, including having a separate screen config file for the screen session
I use for finch, so that it doesn't auto lock, turns the notification
sounds into visual bells that will flash at the taskbar, etc - and that's
all great...however I am regularly connected to the screen session and
finch marks me as idle because I've not typed into that session for a
while. On the flip side, I don't want to not be marked as away at all - I
know people who use bitlbee and irssi, and have clever config and scripts
that mark them as away when they detach from their screen session, and I
was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible/could help me to do the same
for finch?

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