Linux Mint 16 PPA support

Tomas Melikoff tomas at
Fri Jan 31 17:24:59 EST 2014


First of all, thanks for your efforts on making Pidgin the awesome 
program which is.

I've received this message while trying to add Pidgin PPA:


While LinuxMint is supported by the Pidgin PPA, you are running version 
16, which is not.

If this is an old version of LinuxMint, it's probably reached its 
end-of-life.  If it's a new version, please use the support at 
mailing list to ask for an update to the pidgin-ppa package.


Well, here's my mail to ask for an update :)

Thanks in advance.

Tomas Melikoff
Mobile: (+34) 663 609 846
eMail: tomas at

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