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Tres Finocchiaro tres.finocchiaro at
Tue Jun 3 12:17:45 EDT 2014

> I would like to get my small company using Pidgin but it is not working. I
> do not care if we use our gmail or accounts but either way
> when I enable it says under my e-mail it is not authorized. What should I
> do to fix this?


You have a few options.  First I'd like to warn you that this is a public
mailing list.

Option 1:  Using Bonjour.  If you have a small company that is all on a
single network (one subnet) you will be happy to know that Pidgin works
great in combination with the Bonjour protocol.  This requires very little
setup and works great for inter-office communication.  Instructions are
available here:

Option 2:  Using Google Talk (Gmail):  Google Talk requires certain ports
to be open on your company firewall.  Some people have had success by
switching the Port number in preferences from 5222 to 443.  This may get
you further.

Option 3:  No one on this list would know about your
accounts so you would have to explain in much more detail about what these
are and what technology they use before any recommendations can be made.
 Again, please be discreet with information as you are on a public mailing

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