Getting my workplace connected

Mark Rousell markr at
Wed Jun 4 07:21:55 EDT 2014

On 03/06/2014 17:06, Allison Clancy wrote:
> I would like to get my small company using Pidgin but it is not working.
> I do not care if we use our gmail or accounts but either way
> when I enable it says under my e-mail it is not authorized. What should
> I do to fix this?  

Another possible option is to run your own XMPP server with your own
accounts (which could be if you wanted). You can make this
server accessible for remote/home/road-based users as well as
office-based users, if you wish.

I'd recommend the Openfire server. It's not difficult to set up and
takes little ongoing management, in my experience. See It works well
with Pidgin. (Note, I have no connection with Openfire or its
developers; I am simply a user of the software).

Mark Rousell

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