unable to access account

Shauna Ivery sivery at firstcomm.com
Thu Jun 19 19:24:57 EDT 2014

I was not asking for the password to be sent I was advising that I have sent request to reset twice and have not been sent the link to do that . So please advise why the link has not been sent and if it has been sent and I have not received it then is there a way to delete the entire profile and start over ? 

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On 19/06/14 22:51, Shauna Ivery wrote:
> Username is sivery at firstcomm.com <mailto:sivery at firstcomm.com> forgot 
> password - request new password but was not sent to email on file - 
> sivery at firstcomm.com <mailto:sivery at firstcomm.com>. Please advise 
> thanks

Contact your service operator.

Asking on this mailing list is like asking Microsoft to reset your bank password just because you use Internet Explorer to access their online banking.

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