Pidgin: buggy file reception behavior

Eion Robb eion at
Thu May 8 15:23:21 EDT 2014

The Skype API doesn't provide any way to accept a file, unfortunately, so
you need to accept it in the client for the transfer to start. The
behaviour you're seeing is normal for the Skype plugin
On 8/05/2014 10:57 pm, "Cedric Bhihe" <cedric.bhihe at> wrote:

>  Hello,
> Please bear with me, as I don't know whether this is third party plugin
> related or not.
> Thanks you.
> My config:
> OS: Windows XP SP3 - Pidgin 2.10.9 - Skype-Plugin ? - Skype -
> Win Firewall - AVG 2012)
> (The Skype-plugin from bore no version-info
> except for "skype4" on the site. I assume it is the latest one.)
> Problem description:
> When receiving a file sent from Skype by a buddy in the list, the Pidgin
> file transfer
> window's "receive" or "accept" button is greyed out, making it impossible
> to actually
> receive said file.
> Because Skype stands open in the background, switching to it and
> "accepting" the file is
> possible. Pidgin acknowledges the action of accepting the file from Skype
> and shows an
> appropriate message in the IM window. It also signals the end of the
> transmission and
> places a clickable (html-like) filename in blue in the IM window. Clicking
> on it opens
> the file normally.
> This buggy behavior (the "accept" icon being greyed out) is perfectly
> reproducible and
> persistent. I have tried restarting Pidgin and even rebooting the computer
> to check for
> a change in behavior ... to no avail.
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