Pidgin: buggy file reception behavior

Cedric Bhihe cedric.bhihe at
Thu May 8 06:56:26 EDT 2014

Please bear with me, as I don't know whether this is third party plugin 
related or not.
Thanks you.

My config:
OS: Windows XP SP3 - Pidgin 2.10.9 - Skype-Plugin ? - Skype - 
Win Firewall - AVG 2012)
(The Skype-plugin from bore no version-info 
except for "skype4" on the site. I assume it is the latest one.)

Problem description:

When receiving a file sent from Skype by a buddy in the list, the Pidgin 
file transfer
window's "receive" or "accept" button is greyed out, making it 
impossible to actually
receive said file.

Because Skype stands open in the background, switching to it and 
"accepting" the file is
possible. Pidgin acknowledges the action of accepting the file from 
Skype and shows an
appropriate message in the IM window. It also signals the end of the 
transmission and
places a clickable (html-like) filename in blue in the IM window. 
Clicking on it opens
the file normally.

This buggy behavior (the "accept" icon being greyed out) is perfectly 
reproducible and
persistent. I have tried restarting Pidgin and even rebooting the 
computer to check for
a change in behavior ... to no avail.
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