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If you choose to delete a chatlog, Pidgin will just delete the file.

Unfortunately, a deleted file can be restored quite easily - if it comes
to the worst (from your point of view), your administrator would just
need to download some free software that does this, so he wouldn't even
need to contract a data forensics expert.

I've already done this on a Windows 3.1 system. It was quite
straight-forward, especially since Win 3.1 used to ship with a program
called UNDELETE.EXE out of the box. The most difficult part was that I
had to guess the first letter of each file name because UNDELETE.EXE
wasn't able to restore those.

That said, if you're afraid of your admin, I suggest that you make sure
that your conversations don't get stored on disk in the first place - i.
e. you need to disable logging.

There are ways to securely delete files, however these would usually
require you to be in possession of the root account.

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I am an active user of pidgin and I had a question. I wanted to know if
I were to delete my chat logs from my PC and un click the options in
preferences, would an admin be able to still retrieve the logs? Are they
saved even though they are deleted from the PC? Any information would be


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